Monday, 14 May 2007

Blue Skies

Well the rain has finally let up and we have even had sun today. Having a look at the garden this morning the plants have come on well after their big drink, not too many weeds, just a few parcels left by the dog! Our square patch of earth (awaiting a new lawn hopefully this week) has even sprouted some grass from the seeds we planted (found an old bag of lawn seed in the cupboard thought we would give it a try) a few weeks ago. My husband is out as I write this flattening the ground so we can put our new bench outside (just waiting to be stained), its in the living room at the moment where our daughter and dog are using it as a den. That's the christmas present taken care of, a cardboard box and a flat pack!

Friday, 11 May 2007

Veggies part 2

Thought I'd post another pic of my lettuces, they've grown a bit. They are definitely loving all this rain. Those slug pellets are deadly, every morning there are more and more slug and snail corpses around the veg patch - I'm starting to feel a bit guilty!
My potatoes are doing great as well, I planted a sprouting potato, just your ordinary spud that you buy, and they've grown loads, in only a few days! I must be doing something right (I hope)

Our loveseat....

The weather is still quite bad (us brits love to moan about the weather) and it's frustrating when you can't do anything, so we decided to put our loveseat (with hole for pole!) together. As you can see it's not the most complicated of instructions, although we did have trouble trying to put a round screw in a hexagonal hole! It does look great tho, now all we have to do is paint it before we can put it in the garden.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Still raining...

Still raining, still dull and grey outside. Had quite bad winds in the night and one of our plants blew over - no damage tho. The lettuces are loving it, they've grown about an inch, which is great considering the weather. It's still very windy and it's not supposed to get any better :-(
Our bench/ loveseat arrived today (we paid for this one only £30) Took a photo of the box 'cos it made us laugh lol!
no hope of putting it up today tho, which is a shame 'cos I love flat packs! So we're ebaying today, clearing out the junk - if you'd like to see what we're selling (or just to be nosy lol) our id is andrewsmt26.